1 year notice: Frozen Peach Hosting to end August 31, 2022

I’m planning to shut down the frozenpeachhosting.com reseller hosting store as of August 31, 2022 as well as my freelance services involving seperate site builds. I will no longer accept new client site builds effective immediately, but will continute to help existing clients where needed.

It is crystal clear to me that this isn’t working out when I’m beat out by builders like Wix and competing 3rd world (no offense) “pros” who love to spam everyone about their offers. So I’m giving all a heads up right here and now that I will be shutting down the frozenpeachhosting.com store which will effect existing plans. I wil suggest that you renew only 3-6 months at a time as needed.

Since I won’t be doing much freelance stuff anymore I might think about pivoting into VA for WordPress now that I’ve made some connections in that community (mostly online because covid).

I apologize in advance to my clients, but if you’re covered by another hosting & domain provider, you’re all set. If you’re in either of my own platforms, you’re also safe. For those who aren’t already covered, I’ve make a short double list below in no particular order. Or you can choose to move into my turnkey sites (WordPress). *If you already have a WordPress site you should be able to easily migrate it into a managed plan. They will handle installation and major updates for you, and you can contact their support directly 24/7/365 (or 366 in leap year).

My next trial venture will involve more hands-on arts & crafts and less screen time. I’ll create my own new set of sites based on the existing store under a new umbrella domain. Organizing it from the start might help it be more of a success. I’m going to take my time with it and prepare to launch as we cross the other side of the covid bridge.

Frozen Peach Hourly VA